Project Description

Automatic system for early fire detection


The system for early fire detection provides automatic and continuous control of temperature parameters through the use of thermal cameras. This system is recommended for any loacation that stores large quantities of dangerous or flammable products where there is a possibility of self-ignition due to chemical processes that occur during the production, storage, or handling of these products. The system is easy to use and is designed to control many different area sizes.

System provides:

  • protection of people and property
  • automatic, quick and effective detection of fire
  • early detection of locations with a critical temperature gradient
  • early warning response to detected hot spots
  • flexibility for different area sizes and requirements
  • remote management through an observations system
  • possibility to integrate an alarm intervention into existing command and control systems or central fire fighting system

Suitable for 24/7 monitoring and protecting:

  • waste bunkers
  • landfills
  • warehouses (indoor, open air)
  • production facilities
  • recycling companies
  • any location with a large quantity of stored material / products (paper, plastic, wood, rubber, coal, etc.)


  • alerts the control center to critical points and to temperature deviations
  • offers the possibility of taking proper actions before a fire breaks out (cooling down hot spots) – preventing a fire
  • able to operate under demanding environmental influences and in darkness
  • adaptable to customer needs
  • fast installation
  • easy to use (plug and play)
  • enables temperature trend analysis
  • data processing and displaying results in real time
  • flexible for different area sizes and requirements
  • able to connect multiple cameras to a central monitor to reveal problems before a set point is reached
  • possible to integrade it into existing control and fire fighting systems

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