Project Description

Automatic Early Fire Detection System


THERIS – outdoor is intended for automatic continuous control of temperature parameters in the environment with the use of IR cameras. The system is designed for monitoring areas of varying sizes and is simple to use.

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Its use is recommended for:

  • areas with a higher possibility of a spontaneous self-ignition due to natural processes
  • areas where there is possibility of intended or unintended cause of fire
  • areas where the fire would be difficult to contain/limit or put out
  • areas where the fire could have dire consequences for the nature or infrastructure

The system enables the tracking of the temperature gradient and consequently the activation of warning ALARMS before the fire develops or before smoke can be noticed.

The system ensures:

  • protection of nature, people and belongings
  • quick and efficient fire detection
  • early detection of critical temperature locations
  • adaptability to the dimensions and requirements of the area
  • remote control with the use of a control system
  • alarm forwarding to the existing control system or fire central


  • easy to use
  • swift assembly
  • client demands adaptability

Intended clients:

  • municipalities in high fire risk areas
  • companies (chemical industry, interior industry, utility services, dumping grounds,…)
  • forest service
  • civil defence
  • public institutions
  • national park managers

The system is comprised /consists of a special software and control points.

Software Data processing and trend/pattern display
Connectivity with standard fire centrals
Temperature (operating) range from -32 °C to +65 °C
Protection against external influences IP68
Power supply Control Point: 24 to 48VDC
Server: 220VAC