Project Description



Fast, accurate and cost-effective – Neuron is a Real Time Locating system designed to locate any Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device with high accuracy. A plug and play system consists of observer points which are connected via Ethernet to the main server and locators. Any device with BLE capabilities can be used as a locator, giving users endless options to choose from. Users can even use their own BLE devices, making the system very flexible and easy to deploy. With the Neuron system, a smartwatch can be used for locating, paging and messaging. Buttons on a smartwatch can then be used to provide easy access for an SOS function so an alarm can be sent within seconds to authorized personnel.

System provides:

– positioning, localization and navigation of people and objects in real time, indoor and in open areas
– improvement of safety and security
– faster response in critical situations
– increased staff capacity and productivity
– remote management through an observation system
– analysis of past events

– Locating of indoor and outdoor positions with 1,5 m accuracy
– Any device with BLE capabilities can be used as a locator (smartwatch / bracelet / smartphone ect.)
– SOS button
– Anti-tamper
– Pager function
– Adaptable to customer needs
– Messaging

– Hospitals
– Retirement homes
– Prisons
– Shopping malls
– Schools, Campus areas
– Companies (production dept., warehouse)
– Ports
– Museums

– plug and play
– easy to deploy
– fast
– accurate
– cost effective
– adaptable to customer needs
– data processing and displaying results in real time

System components:
– Observers – fixed electronics
– Locating unit – any device with BLE capabilities (smartwatch / bracelet / smartphone ect.)
– Server – runs the locating application
– Graphical user interface

Download: System schematics

Download: Brochure

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